Cortijo Casablanca  
The house or Cortijo has ith heating, 2 bathrooms, a living room with a great hearth, a dining room for ten persons and a kitchen. It also has a wide and beautiful terrace and an original swimming pool that is opened all the year.
The straight lines of the facade are whitewashed (show a great colour white) and pay homage to its name. All those are combined with the wide terrace realized in stone of the place, where is possible to enjoy the incredible views of the valley and the Andalucía´s sun.
Inside of the Cortijo prevails a hot and family atmosphere, where the stone and the wood are combined with furniture of familiar origin (inheritance), antiquities and an elegant selection of objects.
The entry has good connections with the entire house. It moves on the space destined for the lounge and this in the dining room and the kitchen.
In the living room a wide and large window of wood makes possible that inside of this rustic construction has a lot of light. The table of the dining room was realized by a blacksmith of the zone. He kept the old design of the owners, and he used a piece of wood of centenary oak that was carved to hand (it is named Artesa). The table was used for make the traditional sausage from the pork. The chairs and many of objects have its origin in the old Andalusia.
The doors were rescued of the demolition, and they were restored in conformity with the ancient style of the whole house. Some of them were located in the typical Cortijo´s rooms, like: the stable, the barn, etc.
The stables lost its old use and it has been transformed as bedroom and bath. The old “alcoba”, the barn and the latroje (that are located in the high plant) have been changed also in bedrooms.