What offer we ? 
Activities you can make:
  • Trekking: There are several paths of small tour.
  • Trekking in height mountain (for example the Tiñosa or the Bermejo).
  • Mountain bike.
  • Search of fossils.
  • Painting landscape courses (paisajismo) in summer.
  • Tourist - monumental - archaeological routes in Almedinilla (10 Km.), Priego (20 Km.), Alcalá la Real (25 Km.), Alcaudete (25 Km.), Cabra (30 Km), Lucena, Rute, Iznajar (38 Km.), and even Jaen, Granada, Córdoba.
  • Thermal baths (Arabic) in Córdoba to 60 Km.
  • Fishing, canoeing and Candle (40 minutes) in Iznajar.
  • Riding in the equestrian centre of the Subbética in Zagrilla (Priego).
  • See the harvest of olive, from November to March.
  • Route of the califato ( Cordoba - Granada).
  • Route of the baroque one (Priego, Lucena, Cabra).
  • Typical gastronomic tour in the villages.
We organized for you:
  • Guided trekking (qualified and specializing guides) where you can know thoroughly the Súbbetica. You can make it on 4x4, mountain bike or horseback. (More information in MUSGAÑO, Tlf: 616 25 95 10.)
  • Climb to the Tiñosa, the highest peak of the Subbética.
  • Climb to the higher Bermejo, the second peak of the Subbética.
  • Climb to the Puerto del Cerezo (on bike or trekking).
  • Small tour in the Albayate's saw.
  • Trekking for the saw of Cabra (trough La Nava and river Bailón).
  • Visit to mills of olive oil.
  • Roman dinners in Almedinilla (you have to make a reserve).
  • Archaeological museum of Almedinilla.
  • Roman villa of the Turn.
  • Iberian settlement of Cerro de la Cruz.
  • The Mill of Fuente Ribera.
Priego de Córdoba
  • House of D. Niceto Alcalá - Zamora.
  • House of D. Adolfo Lozano Sidro.
  • Priego's historical museum.
  • Priego's archaeological museum.
  • Museum of jamón.
  • Museum of the Mantecado.
  • The Anise’s museum.
  • Museum of the Oil.
Special activities:
  • Every Saturday in the midnight cross Priego the famous “Hermanos de la Aurora”. They sing popular couplets.
  • Festivity and fairs (in accordance with the dates)
  • Semana Santa in Priego, one of those of most famous of the region.
  • Las Cruces in all the villages, and especially in Granada (May 1).
  • Processions every Sunday in Priego (final of April and May).
  • Romería de la Virgen de la Cabeza in Priego and Jaen (in accordance with the dates).
  • Corpus Christis in Granada and Priego (in accordance with the dates).
  • International festivals of Music, Dance and Theatre in Priego (July - August).
  • Descent (September 4) and ascent (the first Sunday of October) of the Romería de la Virgén de la Sierra de Cabra.
Interesting places:
  • LAPIAZ DE LOS LANCHARES. Placed in the Saw of Cabra, it is a structural surface in the edge of the road Cabra- Priego. It is known like the “polje” of La Nava. Los Lanchares has cracked rocks of very beautiful colors. Situado en el macizo de Cabra, constituye una superficie estructural en el borde de la carretera Cabra-Priego, dominando el polje de La Nava. Los Lanchares enlozados de rocas agrietadas, juegan con colores de malva y bermellón entre el verde ceniza del romero.

  • LOS HOYONES. It is in the Saw of las Jarcas, (in the south of Cabra). It appearances a score of hills. Some of those are spectacular.

  • LA NAVA.It is named “La Nava de la Virgen de la Sierra ". It is next to the peak where the hermitage is placed. Also is next the polje the Valle de la Fuenseca. La Nava is a spacious and level terrain among high mountains where travel the river " El Bailón ".

  • LA SIMA DE CABRA. It is a great and beautiful cliff of a hundred of meters of depth that mentioned Cervantes in El Quijote.

  • PICACHO DE LA ERMITA DE LA VIRGEN DE LA SIERRA. It was declared place of national interest in 1929. Here you can enjoy of the whole Andalusian landscape.

  • CUEVA DE LOS MURCIÉLAGOS. It is the most interesting caves of all the numerous that appear in the saw. It is opened in a limy slope for a height of 300 m. It is on the village of Zuheros. It is a great crack that is opened in several galleries that lead to rooms of several sizes, and some of those have stalactites and stalagmites of great beauty.