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The Nature Reserve of the Subbética´s Saw
Under the denomination of Nature Reserve of the Subbética´s Saw you find an area protected for the Junta de Andalucía in 1988, with a great ecological wealth with beautiful landscape, distributed of irregular form among eight municipalities of the Mancomunidad: Cabra, Carcabuey, Doña Mencía, Iznájar, Luque, Priego de Córdoba, Rute and Zuheros. The most typical element of this half mountain zone is the lovely scenery with limy rock and its Karstico´s form. The area hat high hangings and it raises on beautiful and narrow valleys. The travellers who come to these lands will cross saws of a great geological importance. The saw of Cabra offers interesting geological formations as the known “Lapiaz de los Lanchares”. The nature reserve hides in its interior the highest peak of the province of Córdoba: the Tiñosa, with 1.570 meters. Other places of great beauty and geological wealth are the saws of Rute and Horconera. In the latter there is situated the mentioned Tiñosa, next to the Bermejo peak, with 1.476 meters. In both summits the travellers can observe the majestic flight of the royal eagle and the perdicera, as well they can enjoy with the “pecular” falcon and the alimoche. In the Rute's surrounding area you will find the beautiful place of the “garganta del río de la Hoz”. The Nature Reserve of the Subbética Saws offers different routes of treking by the mountains, in which you can contemplate the beauty and singularity of this ecological space. These routes make possible meet fauna and flora of a great variety.
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The olive trees and Albayate's saw, what is declared Complex of Environmental Interest, constitute its landscape. The water is very present, and together with the limy materials form the zone. That hat a set of caves, ravines, galleries and geologic formations. In this zone you can observe a vegetation typical of the Mediterranean forest, even important focus in heights of 700 / 900 meters. Almedinilla is in a Region that in the past it was a zone of step and border between the different Andalucías, in the way that was joining Córdoba with Granada, between Priego and Alcalá la Real.
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Priego de Córdoba
There is to the feet of the Tiñosa peak and on a small hill. As well is known as the Monumental City of the Baroque and of the Water. This city of baroque art, due to the prosperity which it enjoyed in the century XVIII, is situated in the south-east of the province to 103 kilometres of the capital. Priego is a continue flowing of water fountains (like the famous Fountain of the King) and springs, and among there are numerous houses and lordly mansions(small palaces) that adorn the central streets.
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Alcalá la Real
The noble town of Alcala la Real, like its title sais, is placed in the south of the province of Jaen, in the confluence with Córdoba and Granada. It is on a wide plateau, dominated by the Cerro de la Mota, in the center of a mountainous region of olive groves. It is built next to the famous “Castillo de la Mota” and of its walls, with an urban structure of Arabic origin, of steep streets and lordly houses. Its churches and architectural details show its brilliance and its rich historical past.
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It is an beautiful villa nailed in the southwest of the province of Jaen, It is in the zone that connect witn Córdoba and Granada, and it is situated at the foot of the Ahillos saw. Hanging forts and areas of fertile fluvial courses, between the Campiña of the Guadalquivir and the Subbética saw. The old part of town hat a medieval origin, and it is on a hill, next to the Castillo Calatravo of s. XIII which was built over an almohade fortress.
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