Prices   and   Booking
  Low Season High Season
WEEKEND 395  € 425  €
WEEK 795  € 895  €
AUXILIARY BED 12  € / DAY 12  € / DAY
Special Season: 
(AUGUST)              WEEK  995  €


General    Conditiones
  1. Minimal stays.  
The minimal stay is for two nights all the year. It excludes the bridges (3-4 nights), holidays like as Holy Week and Christmas (7 nights), and the summer high season, July, August (7 nights). The Cortijo must be used from 2 p.m. of the arrival’s day. It will be free too before 10 a.m. of the leaving day, except you have agreed with the owner other matter. 
  2. Prices.  
The published prices will be valid until December 31, 2010. It never allows more persons that the house is prepared. The owner reserves the right to refuse admission.
Our prices include:
   *  Normal consumption of electricity, fuel wood, water and gas, sheets and towels and cleanliness at the arrival.
  3. Method of payment.  
The booking will be confirmed when you pay 25 % of the cost or you pay it all. Before the occupation of the establishment must you pay the total of the price.
The method of payment is with a money order to Maria Barea Pareja, P.O. box 58, 14800 Priego of Córdoba, and the remainder have to be paid in cash at the arrival.
Always will be required for fax the voucher of the deposit.
  4. Annulments.  
In case of annulment the reservation (reserve), the expenses will be like that:
   *   Of 1 to 100 days before the arrival: 100 % of the advance
  5. Other conditions.  
The client is full and exclusively responsible of doing the correct declaration of persons' number that has to occupy the house (the children included), for any age, on making the reservation.
One warns that the property can deny to be admitted legally the entry of those persons not declared, or in its case to remove them, can’t be any claim for this reason.
  •  The keys must be given back at 10 p.m. , except that the parts accord another thing. If the clients don’t respect this, they run the risk that not stays this night in the housing.
  •  We will receive a deposit of 100 euros when you arrive, which will be given back entire when the accommodation has finished, if no anomaly has produced.
  •  Are not allowed visits.
  •  The house must be left in the same conditions of cleanliness, like was at the arrival.
  6. Anomalies or deficiencies (faults).  
The irregularities or deficiencies that the client could find in the rented property must be reported as soon as possible, and always during the stay. Any anomaly will be solved quickly. Any claim effect after leaving the property will not be attended for lacking the most elementary criteria that could proceed that claim.
  7. Acceptance of conditions.  
The fact of taking in the offered product supposes the acceptance of the client of each and every of the general conditions. For the knowledge of all the claims that can be formulated, so many the client as the property, they surrender to the jurisdiction of the courts of Cordoba, with resignation o any another jurisdiction or courts.
  8. Expenses extra:  
  • An extra bed for child costs 12 €/night.
If it wishes it, it can make its reserve request: